fringefeed, perth (2024)
The Advertiser, Adelaide (2022)

fringefeed, perth (2024)
"British comedian [Kelsey De Almeida] takes centre stage with his tales of love gone awry, weaving a tapestry of relatable misadventures that has the audience in stitches. His self-deprecating humour and charming delivery create an instant connection with the audience, making every punchline land with perfect comedic timing." ★★★★★
"Destined to be absolutely huge! Charming and disarming, he held the audience in the palm of his hand and made them helpless with laughter. He puts wit and polish centre stage."
"Hilarious and a original voice on the comedy landscape. Destined to be huge, see him now"
The Comic's lounge, melbourne
“Best thing to happen out of Covid is keeping Kelsey in Australia. Already a regular here at the Lounge and a future star of comedy. You can put him on stage any night, at anytime in front of any crowd and he is gonna crush” 
"Had me in stitches. He's a star in the making!"
"Kelsey De Almeida was hilarious. You know you're in for a good night when the support act is hard to follow! Definitely one to watch"
The Advertiser, Adelaide
"If dark, nihilistic humour is your thing, Kelsey De Almeida has got you covered. He’s the rare combination of bitterly outrageous and oddly endearing and definitely one to watch." ★★★★½
"A pleasure to watch on stage... I look forward to seeing his career flourish" ★★★★½
fringefeed (KATELYN CLARK), perth (2024)
"Our night was expertly hosted by Kelsey De Almeida. Right from the get-go, the charisma and ease with which Kelsey handled the crowd showed that this isn't your regular comedy lineup."
fringefeed (Danica Lamb), perth (2024)
"Kelsey De Almeida was a charming and dependable host and MC. While it was unlucky to move to Australia in February 2020, I'd say it's a net gain for the nation."​​​​​​​
The Indiependent 
"Solid (and consistent) laughs throughout... Kelsey De Almeida is certainly one to watch."
Soho Comedy Club, London
“Kelsey has pitch perfect delivery and a keen sense of what’s funny that many older and more experienced comedians would kill for, and he’s damned good with hecklers too!”
1079 LIFE
"A great show! Easily able to build a rapport with the audience, Kelsey’s comedic timing is very slick and well executed and his jokes are delivered in a manner which kept the audience laughing throughout his show’s 50 min run time."
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